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Making your own website is quite similar to making your own program. You have many programming languages to choose from and your mileage will vary depending on what programming language you choose. But unlike creating software, you get the chance to make some unique web page designs by using multiple programming languages. HTML is the most basic language that you need to know to make a website so you should familiarize yourself with the HTML tags and structure. Once you get a feel of HTML, you can take multiple routes depending on the type of web page design you like.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets should be next on your learning list because you can use the language to control the layout of all the pages on your site. You can create a separate file that has all the CSS codes and link all of your pages to that CSS file. This is a convenient way in structuring your site because you can easily make layout or style changes to all of your pages by editing that one CSS file. You can also have multiple CSS files that control different site elements for easier organization. For instance, you can have one CSS file that controls all the fonts and formatting while another takes care of the columns and headers.


When it comes to animated graphics, you are pretty much limited to making animated GIFs if you take a pure HTML route. But GIF files lack the interactivity features and suffer from poor color quality. Adobe Flash files remove that limitation so you can create eye-catching web page designs. Flash has a steep learning curve especially if you want to make your Adobe Flash elements interactive. Adobe Flash Player is also required so iPad and iPhone owners won’t be able to check out those design elements.


JavaScript focuses more on the functionality of a site but mastering it allows you to add some nice design touches to your pages. Those smooth transitions and page elements that do not rely on Adobe Flash are most likely powered by JavaScript. Even if you do not know how to code in JavaScript, you can download some plugins that can expand your web page design options.


HTML5 is the future of web page design but some sites already have some HTML5 codes since the latest browsers are slowly embracing the standard. Some believe that HTML5 is flexible enough to replace Adobe Flash one day. But before you get serious with HTML5, understand this language is still under development and it will take several years before the standard is finalized.

Knowing multiple languages is essential in turning your creative ideas into actual webpages. Don’t forget that there are dozens of other languages to learn like PHP and ASP.

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